Reviews Reviews are like gold dust for authors. They mean that not only has someone acquired one of my books, but taken the trouble to read it, think about it, and write down their considered opinion about it. I am grateful to the good reviews, for they give satisfaction and pleasure. I don't mind critical reviews either, especially when I can learn from them, and improve the craft of my writing and the art of authorship. Keep the reviews coming, thank you.

Review: The Genes of Isis, August 2018

I have a huge interest in Egyptology so I was intrigued by this book! Many of the Egyptological stories I have read in the past, (e.g, Bram Stoker's, The Jewel of Seven Stars) have been 'okay', but never really gripped me from the first page and took ages to get into. Newland's novel, however, immediately grabbed my attention, s ...

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Review: The Coronation,, April 2021

While not an avid reader of historical fiction, The Coronation by Justin Newland surprised me with a diverse blend of history, myth, and spirituality. Beginning 1761, during Russian occupation of East Prussia, a foreign Lieutenant of the Russian army intervenes in a dispute between his superior and Countess Marion von Adler and ...

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Review: The Old Dragon's Head, May 2019

I found this book very difficult to review. First, I was muddled by the many names of Chinese and Mongol at the very beginning, having to restart several times. Then I discovered that the names of most individual characters were a single syllable and was able to get used to these and recognise them. Then, secondly, I became so i ...

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