About the book

Akasha is a precocious girl born into a world where oceans circulate in the sky waters. She dreams of releasing the Surge, the next evolutionary step for an embryonic human race. But it's dormant, trapped inside every human.

Horque is a Solarii, a tribe of angels who've manifested in human form and settled in Ancient Egypt. Desperate to return home, they must first undo the devastation caused by the Helios, another tribe of angels who came to Earth to deliver the Surge, and instead left humanity on the brink of extinction and sired a race of interspecies monsters, the hybrids.

When Akasha foretells the falling of the sky waters and falls in love with Horque, her life becomes an instrument for apocalyptic change.


"This book is exquisitely written, with good characterisation and a compelling plot."
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"Using the Book of Enoch as its starting platform Justin Newland tells a fascinating story interpreting life in the far distant past of human history.” Robert
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"Read “The Genes of Isis” – it may be a fiction, but within its central story of a young woman’s journey from initiate to priestess, from maiden to mother, it offers a fascinating new entry point to these ancient mysteries and questions.”
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"An elegant hybrid of history and thoughtful fantasy which should appeal to fans of both genres, and beyond.”
Ian Millsted
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“Much thought has gone into this antediluvian tale ... as well as lot of good old fashioned hard work."
Pete Sutton
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