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Justin was born in the tenth ember of 1953, making him a Capricorn. Hey, someone has to be one. Today, he lives with his partner in plain sight of the Mendip Hills, in Somerset, England and writes historical, fantasy and speculative fiction with a supernatural bent.

His first loves were sea stories and these led to a lifelong love of literature.

His academic career includes a B.A. from Essex University, an M.Sc. from Sussex University, and a Maths Ph.D. from Imperial College, London, where he wrote a short story published in the local student rag.

His literary influences are eclectic and he enjoys all genres and forms of literature from poems, plays, short stories and novels.

An avid reader of both exoteric and esoteric non-fiction, he has researched the mythologies and philosophies of Ancient Greece and Rome, as well as an in-depth and prolonged study of Ancient Egypt.

He has enjoyed books written by authors from South America, North America, Africa, China, as well as France, England, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Italy, Russia and Poland.

After starting writing fiction again in 2006, he has attended various writing courses and participated in writer's groups in Bath and Bristol.

His other loves include world history, classical music, philosophy, travel, sport and yoga.


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